Life is a great big adventure and inexplicably beautiful. Born in Hong Kong and raised in suburban Ontario Canada, my insatiable hunger for artistic expression and creative output has brought me to places that to this day, I still can't fully comprehend. All I can do is to follow my instincts and believe that the best is yet to come. 

I am a creative director with a strong focus on art, theatre and entertainment design. Academically trained as an architect, my primary investigation is on how our designed environments inform our perceptions of reality. After working for architectural design studios in New York City, San Francisco and The Netherlands, my attention shifted towards production design. Since then I've worked for clients such as Lil' Wayne, Pearl Jam, iHeart Media, Nike, NFL, Google and the Ringling Brothers. 

My own personal work examines the intersections between art and architecture, using various mediums to communicate his own perceptions of the world through abstracted compositions.